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Specialists in Yacht Provisioning

Compass Provisioning specializes in getting what you need to wherever you are! Not only Compass a specialist in sourcing and supplying fine produce, we are also a logistics company with a team who knows how to get goods in top condition to any location.

Our team has grown servicing superyachts, liveaboards and 5 star hotels for over 5 years. We have delivered in areas that we can safely say no others have. Planes, trains, helicopters, speedboats, trucks, even horse and cart have been used to pull this off and nothing stands between our innovative team and achieving your goals.

How We Work

  1. It starts with the quality of produce. We only source the best quality and freshest goods. If it isn’t, it doesn’t go in the box. We work with the local farmers and suppliers to ensure this. They tell us what day they pick the goods so we know the optimal time to purchase. We have supplied goods from soil to table on the same day many times – even when the table is not on the same island as the goods were grown!
  2. Our packing system has evolved over years of experience and continues to do so. Our packing must be kind enough to the goods whilst being tough enough to withstand the challenges of heat, cold and cargo handling. Our service includes the removal of all packing materials which we try to recycle and re-use wherever possible.
  3. Our network spans through a great many of the 665 airports in Indonesia. We oversee every aspect of the goods delivery and put people on the ground with experience to get the job done.






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